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Seeking the Truth Spoken in Charity


NCFL Mission

The National Catholic Forensic League is an organization originating from the Catholic secondary school community in the United States for the purpose of providing a service to all secondary school students. 

In imitation of the example of Jesus Christ, who gave both humble service and articulate leadership, we seek the truth spoken in charity. 

All of the following regulations are inspired by and seek to further these fundamental human values. 

The purposes of the LEAGUE shall be: 

  • to encourage and to assist in the development of      articulate leaders through whose skills truth may be widely spread and      become an influence in the life of the nation, 
  • to promote curricular and co-curricular speech and      debate activities in Catholic, private, and public secondary schools      throughout the nation, 
  • to establish, to maintain, and to coordinate a system      of Diocesan Leagues with the purpose of administering schedules of      interscholastic speech and debate activities, 
  • to assist individual schools in speech and debate      activities where no Diocesan League has been established, 
  • to sponsor and to administer the annual Grand National      Tournament of the League. 

Every year the NCFL sponsors the annual Grand National Tournament on Memorial Day weekend, offering six forensics events and four debate events. 


Scholarship Opportunity

The Rosemary Cundiff-Brown Service Scholarship is a $500 cash scholarship offered to two graduating seniors each year. Traditionally the scholarships are awarded to a young man and a young woman who are intending to go to college and have exhibited exemplary service to their team and their community throughout their time in speech and debate activities. Click the link below to nominate your senior for this prestigious award. 

Nomination Form Available Below

Ruth Blair Service Service Award

This award exists to recognize an adult support staff/person who helps to make your job as a head coach easier. Mrs. Blair was an iconic figure in the Kentucky and National Speech worlds. She worked tirelessly behind the scenes, never getting any credit for the very important work she carried out helping her husband, Garland Blair, coach the LCHS Speech Team for 20+ years and running the KCFL league and state qualifier for 30 years. 

She never sought the spotlight, but she was always there smoothing ruffled feathers, lifting kids up after disappointing performances or results, and generally keeping everyone feeling calm and uplifted by her very presence. Anyone who knew her, knows exactly what kind of person this award is meant to uplift. And, if you didn’t know her, you certainly can point to the one person in your program who represents these same kinds of qualities. 

He or she is your go-to, your biggest cheerleader, you best support. He/She is the person that you might not always notice running things so smoothly in the background, but you would terribly miss him/her if he/she weren’t around. 

Nominate that person.


Scholarship and Awards Forms

Rosemary Cundiff-Brown Scholarship Nomination Form (docx)


Ruth Blair Award Nomination Form (docx)


Bylaws and Minutes

KCFL Bylaws (docx)


2019 Meeting Minutes (docx)